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Fatality, by Rubén Darío (the founder of literary Modernism)

The tree is happy because it is scarcely sentient,
and even more the hard rock because it no longer feels:
for there is no pain greater than the pain of being alive
nor heavier burden than conscious life.

To be, and know nothing, and be without a sure path,
and the dread of having been and of a future terror...
And the certain scare of tomorrow being dead,
and suffer for life and for the shadow and for

what we do not know and we hardly suspect,
and the flesh that temps us with its fresh racemes,
and the tomb that awaits with its funereal bouquets,
and not know what way we are going,
nor from where we came! ...

(Translation from Spanish is mine.)


DICHOSO el árbol, que es apenas sensitivo,
y más la piedra dura porque ésa ya no siente,
pues no hay dolor más grande que el dolor de ser vivo
ni mayor pesadumbre que la vida consciente.

Ser, y no saber nada, y ser sin rumbo cierto,
y el temor de haber sido y un futuro terror...
¡Y el espanto seguro de estar mañana muerto,
y sufrir por la vida y por la sombra y por

lo que no conocemos y apenas sospechamos,
y la carne que tienta con sus frescos racimos,
y la tumba que aguarda con sus fúnebres ramos
y no saber adónde vamos,
ni de dónde venimos!...

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