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Digression: What's New, or Why I suddenly stopped responding...

You may notice a few changes. Or you may have noticed that I suddenly disappeared. Either way, the following information seems pertinent.

Tattoo of HTML tags on the back of the head of a Columbian hacker that rigged many elections
Tattoo of HTML tags on the back of the head
of a Columbian hacker that rigged many elections
over a decade throughout Latin America.  He currently
sleeps with a bulletproof jacket under a bulletproof
blanket under solitary confinement in a maximum security
prison in Colombia, this being the only way
he can stay alive while cooperating with law-enforcement
authorities there.  At present, this picture is being used as
Cognitive Dynamics' Facebook and Twitter account pictures.

What's New

  • A new Google-powered Custom Search has been implemented on this site, appearing twice on every page.  I highly advise that you use this filtered search, be it whenever you are trying to find a solid answer to a concrete question, or in cases that involve the finding of research, data, historical facts, or pieces of art.  I took great pains to filter out all the nonsensical "bullshit" that comes with a normal search on Google or any other search engine.  I am still both expanding and limiting this CSE (Custom Search Engine) such that I welcome any and all suggestions on your part as to how it could or should be improved. 

  • I substantively expanded the article covering the L├╝scher Color Test, adding a further variation on the test, which brings the total to three.  I have almost finished massive expansions to the Attachment Style test article as well as to the Enneagram of Personality test article and the Defense Style Questionnaire.  These expansions are much larger than the one done to the Luscher's color assessment and contain solid psychological research as well as links that provide the likely associations between specific Attachment Styles, Enneagram Types, Myers-Briggs types, Defense Mechanisms, and some important scales on the MMPI-2.  They should all be up this week.  Soon afterwards, an expansion to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator article will be published.  All these will be published as new articles, thereby supplanting and taking offline the prior html addresses.

  • Blogger has shifted all sites into the more secure https format, which possesses a stronger encryption than normal http addresses.  HTTPS addresses were always available for every country's version of Cognitive Dynamics, yet these are no longer alternative addresses but rather the canonical ones.  The same applies to WWW containing addresses, which also always existed but were and will still be alternative addresses.  To keep it simple: the canonical address of this website is now https://cognitivedynamics.blogspot.com

  • AddThis buttons have been added to all pages.  After much coding, I got them to work for Blogger, which is hard since blogspot websites use a single HTML template for all versions of all articles in about 200 different addresses.  Please use these buttons to share the content of this site.  If you run into any problems using these buttons, I would appreciate it if you let me know so I may fix the issue.

To anyone I left waiting: Why I suddenly disappeared

Ever since the intelligence community leaks over the past decade, it has become apparent that no privacy currently exists and that all communications of any sort, be it over the phone or on the Internet, are recorded and have always been recorded by sectors of the Federal Government of the United States.

I would apologize for making everyone wait except that it was largely not my fault.  Prior to a month ago, we had been noticing for a long time two undesirable eavesdroppers constantly clinging to our supposedly secure home network.  Though no communications are secure or have ever been, it is one thing to know that you are being monitored and quite another to actually be able to witness it as it happens to you, as it has been occurring to me for at least a year and a half even though I have done absolutely nothing wrong except, apparently, that I did my postgraduate Cognitive Science work too well.  And this represents some sort of national security threat?  All I do is help people!

Though we could see these two undesirable accounts, whenever we would dig a little deeper, these would literally disappear at that very moment, crash the network, only to reappear immediately afterwards.  Personally, I've learned to live with this sort of thing since it began to happen to me long before I began this website.  I knew that, if I went ahead and threw out the accounts from our home network, something bad would happen.  However, after speaking to the future mother of my soon-to-be born first child, the decision was made to throw them out.  [Yes, I will very probably be a father in a few months. :) ]  The very moment the accounts were negated access, my computer stopped working.  It took me 3 weeks and about 7 hard-drive formats to regain the computer I use to work, and even then it still showed up with a sophisticated root-kit virus (which - you may rightly guess - should not be able to happen... but did!) that hopefully is no longer present, though I would not bet on it.

After burning out my brain getting this computer to work again, you may understand why I didn't immediately get back to work.  I needed time to recoup, to get my head on straight.

Luckily, I will be getting some help soon, which should be of great service insofar as getting new content out to you all on a more regular basis. In the meantime, I will answer everyone's long-standing queries as time permits.

Coming Soon!

  1. More articles with a higher variety of topics.

  2. Tuning of all existing articles, with greater intra-linking and more associated information.

  3. The rest of the articles about how to interpret your own MMPI-2 scores.

  4. Separate About and Privacy Policy pages (containing information on Cookies being employed), among several others, will be added.

  5. And the crown jewel: An original, new, encompassing personality test that will include features of all the test to provide a tailor-made personality assessment that goes beyond archetypes and clinical diagnosis and presents a concrete description over and beyond types and tendencies of psychopathology.

So please stay tuned... bear with me. It has been everything except easy to run this site, help people, create custom code and original content all by myself.  Unless something harmful and unexpected happens, this will change very soon.

Thank you for your time and patience.  The many kind words I have received have made it all worth it.

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